Fear of Fame: A Lost Characteristic

The scholars and the righteous of this Ummah always feared fame and becoming well-known amongst the people. They would dislike for their name to be mentioned much and you can see one of them fleeing from the people as if they were a fitnah (trial), whilst at other times you can see one get up and leave the circle of knowledge which he was conducting because the numbers became too many.

Below here are some amazing statements from our predecessors that allude to just how much they held onto sincerity and how much they fled from fame and from being spoken about.


An Excerpt:

“Ibrahim ibn Adham was an amazing personality masha’Allah; he tried hard to keep away from the people in fear of them mentioning him too much. But his fame shot up and his name became so widespread to the point that it was said one time ‘He is in the garden’ (where he worked tending to crops), so the people entered it, encircling it, saying ‘Where is Ibrahim ibn Adham?’ So he began to encircle along with them saying, ‘Where is Ibrahim ibn Adham?!’ [Point being here that his name, character and reputation was known but he himself was hardly seen so they didn’t recognise him!]

And he would say: ‘A slave who loves fame has not been truthful to Allah.’

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