My Mission in Life

My Mission in Life By Dr. Yahya al-Yahya

Instead of living in hopes and fantasies, it is better that you limit your mission and your hopes in this life, write them with your hand and hang the paper in front of your office desk so that you read it and return to it often.

  • I will strive seeking the pleasure of Allah first and foremost
  • I will remember sincerity at all times
  • I will memorize the Book of Allah in full
  • I will increase my knowledge of the Shari`ah
  • I will focus upon refinement of the heart and its cure
  • I will develop my physical strength
  • I will develop my emotional strength
  • I will go to the masjid shortly before the Call to Prayer
  • I will give charity every day
  • I will seek reward from Allah for expenditures on my family
  • I will seek reward from Allah for all my actions
  • I will achieve my success at home first
  • I will not bargain and compromise with my Deen
  • I will consult others
  • I will defend those who are absent
  • I will listen to both sides before passing a judgment
  • I will imagine myself to be in the position of the person I am talking to, so I can feel and share his feelings.
  • I will not take revenge for my own sake
  • I will not get angry for my own sake
  • I will not see for myself a right over others
  • I will always be positive and constructive
  • I will plan and write down my work for tomorrow
  • I will listen twice as much as I speak
  • I will desire success for others
  • I will beware of errors and benefit from them when I fall in them
  • I will strive to be orderly and well-organized as a person and in my work
  • I will be joyful, humorous and smiling
  • I will concentrate all my abilities and efforts on the task in my hands
  • I will develop my skills
  • I will maintain priorities in all my duties
  • I will not take responsibility for what I am not responsible for, and I will not squander what I am responsible for
  • I will not blame the situation
  • I will focus on what concerns me and concentrate on my circle of influence
  • My language: I will try, I will make effort, I will learn, it is not impossible, there is nothing to stop me (if Allah wills)
  • I know that what befalls me could not have missed me and what missed me could not have befallen me; I will take my soul to account and be open with it; I view that retracting from error is from one’s self-confidence and will work on correcting my errors
  • I do not imagine that anyone is safe from harms of others, so I will save my energy and time from busying with others and their talks (when it doesn’t benefit me), and their talk will not matter to me except what is beneficial or what deals with correction of shortcomings.

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