How to Wear Niqab

Bismillah Walhamdulillah
as-salam3laykum wa rahamtullahe wa barakatuhu

I remember reading this wikihow article on How to Wear Niqab, specifically in a majority Non-Muslim country, before I started wearing Niqab, which I did only with the Help of Allah subhanahu.
P.S. I added a little pink,  just for my sisters out there. :)

Veiling is the tradition of Muslim women. Since its prescription, the prophet’s wives, daughters and other believing Muslim women have strictly observed it. Today, the Muslim ladies keep it up. When you wear full hijab (covering of the head, neck, chest, face, hands and feet) in a non-Muslim country, there is no doubt that you are Muslim. A Niqāb is a veil which covers the face of a woman.


  1. Study the Daleels, the verses of the Holy Quran, the Hadith and the traditions that back up your view about Niqab, then you can share them with others.
  2. Make yourself familiar with the numerous benefits of Niqab and the disadvantages of not veiling.
  3. Understand the hardships that might arise from wearing Niqab.
  4. Discuss your decision with someone else, such as your parents or best friend.
  5. Practice wearing Niqab in your home or other private places. You may find it difficult to breathe or see in Niqab when you first start wearing it.
  6. Start wearing Niqab, make Dua and ask Allah to help you wearing it.


  • Get in touch with other Niqabis you meet.
  • When you are passing another woman, smile, make good eye contact, and greet them. Set a good example for all Muslims.
  • Be nice to people who serve you (i.e. cashiers, waitresses, etc.).
  • Get to know your neighbors. Greet them when you see them out.
  • If your parents are against the Niqab, discuss with them. Try to convince them that you have the freedom to choose the opinion that you believe to be correct.


  • Don’t wear eye veils at first. As you get used to having on the niqaab and are comfortable with it, then you can start making the eye slit more narrow.
  • Be prepared to answer questions about the Niqab or possibly receive rude comments or stares. Show them you are a nice and humble person, and make them regret acting rude.
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