Ibn Taymiyyah’s Advice on Da’wah

Written by Sarah

It reminded me of this GEM Dr. Reda Bedeir mentioned to us in the Eternal Journey Class:

Ibn Tamiyyah said that there are three pillars to Dawah
1. Ta’leef: get the people to love you, enjoy your talk and your company.
-In this stage don’t talk about the deen, just talk about what he likes. When the person starts missing you and your company. It’s about the dunya (ie what they like) right now.

2. Ta’reef: indirectly introducing the merchandise to him. You should indirectly share a story with him. Don’t say that smoking leads to cancer and Allah will punish you. Say for example that this is what happened with one of my friends.

3. Takhleef: Tell people to go back to Allah. You can be open and direct with him now.

He brought up to us how we usually jump to Takhleef right away, skipping Ta’leef and Ta’reef but if you have no relationship with them, they won’t listen to what you have to say. waAllahu’alim.

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