“Cut the fat out”

Bismillah walHamdulillah

When working with an MSA, you may find yourself having to email the opposite gender. So a brother may have to send an email to a sister, or a sister may have to send an email to a brother. Or it may be something like an email list where your email gets sent to every member of the MSA board. Without certain guidelines, this can be quite a hotbed of fitan (pl. of fitnah).

The biggest and easiest guideline that anyone can follow is simple, 4 short words:


Self-explanatory, no? Basically, your emails should be so short and to the point, that you leave no room to guess second-meanings, and that you don’t try to show your personality to the opposite gender (will it benefit the da’wah if you were to try to show what a great sense of humor you have? probably not, it’ll probably do the opposite, trust me.) So if there is a question about what speaker to get for an event, the answer is as simple as:
I suggest speaker A, B, and C.

You may end it with Barak Allahu Feekum, or Jazzakum Allahu Khayr, or waAsalamualaykum. But sometimes people end their emails like this purely out of habit. Like they don’t know what else to say and the email looks incomplete so they just stick it in the end. Does this mean that this is fat that needs to be cut out? Maybe not, but at least don’t stick it there out of habit, do it sincerely hoping that Allah blesses them, and rewards them, etc.

That is Guideline #1 for Communicating through Emails, more to come inshaa’Allah!

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