Two Qualities of Leadership

Two Qualities of Leadership

Source: ProductiveMuslim
“And when they became steadfast and believed firmly in Our revelations, We appointed from among them leaders who guided by Our command”. Surat Sajdah, Verse 24.
The verse above mentions two qualities that result in leadership: steadfastness and firm belief.
Steadfastness can be simplified to mean “discipline” in your actions and not walking astray; being able to discipline ourselves to stick firm to the path of Allah; being able to discipline ourselves to stay constantly productive, wake up early, focus on your task and not get distracted, these are the qualities of a steadfast person, and one who is a true leader. Think of any great leader you know and you will realise that they are people of great discipline in their actions and who stick firm to what they believe in and do not wander aimlessly in life.
The second quality mentioned in the verse is firm belief – if steadfastness meant discipline in action, then firm belief refers to discipline in belief. Your belief in Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) and His qualities should not waiver regardless of the consequences you face. One must know that as you proceed in life, your faith will be tested, but those who stick firm to their faith will be granted success and leadership, insha Allah Ta’ala, in this life and hereafter.
So become disciplined in your actions and become firm in your belief and you will -bi’ithnillah- have unlocked the secret of true leadership and success..

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