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Purification before seeking knowledge

Ibn Jama’ah (may Allah have Mercy on him) said: “The student of knowledge is to clean his heart out from every bit of blemish, deceit, envy, and bad character in order to condition himself to soak up and memorize knowledge and discover its detailed meanings and hidden treasures. Knowledge is – as some have said – the secret prayer, the worship of the heart, and the inner means of gaining nearness to Allah. And just as prayer – the worship of the external limbs – is not accepted except with external purification from filth and impurity, likewise, knowledge – the worship of the heart – is not facilitated except if you purify yourself from the filth of low and despicable characteristics and manners.”

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Should I sit with them?

Muhammad Ibn Abee Rajaa (may Allaah have mercy upon him) stated:

“A man from the people of Koofah informed me that Imraan Ibn Hattaan married a woman from the Khawaarij to turn her away from the religion of the Khawaarij. As a result of that, she changed him and turned him to the views of the Khawaarij.” One of the Salaf mentioned: “The person shouldn’t say I go to their sittings and mix with them in order to turn them away from their innovation. Indeed, the matter is not guaranteed and the heart is quick to change. The rectification/righteousness of myself takes precedence over the rectification/righteousness of other than myself.”
Source: Lammud Durru Al-Manthoor Min Al-Qawl Al-Ma-thoor pg.188 point #554. Compiled by Shaykh Jamaal ibn Furayhaan Al-Haarithee (may Allaah preserve him).

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Sufyan Ath-thawri

It was also related from Ibn Abi Hatim that there was a blind man who used to sit with Sufyan. When it was Ramadan, the man would go lead the people in prayer, and they would give him clothes and gifts as a reward for this. So, Sufyan said: “On the Day of Resurrection, the people of the Qur’an will come with their Qur’an, and it will be said to the likes of this person: ‘You have already received your reward previously.’” So, the man said to him: “O Aba ‘Abdillah, you say this while I am sitting right next to you?” Sufyan replied: “I fear that it will be said to me on the Day of Resurrection that you were sitting next to me and I did not advise you.”

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