MSA Advice?

Bismillah walHamdulillah

I wasn’t sure if I already said this so:

Some people may wonder why everything under the section MSA advice has to do with those who are running the MSA and not with the “average” member. It’s simple, if the one’s who are running the MSA have ‘issues’ so to speak, then what makes you think that that won’t have some sort of effect on the way the MSA is run, and thus, on the “average” member?

Imagine having an MSA run by very strong-willed, mu’minoon (ppl of imaan) and muttaqoon (ppl of taqwa) and muhsinoon (ppl of ihsaan), musalleen (ppl who guard their salah), with excellent manners, who lower their gaze and fear Allah in all that they do. Now imagine having an MSA where, may Allah forbid this, those who run it are those of weak will, weak imaan, little knowledge, and are easily swayed…two different’ MSAs.

Allah swt says in Surah Tahrim : O you who believe! Save yourselves and your families from a fire whose fuel is men and stones…

Notice the order: yourselves, and your families.

Why should we save ourselves first?

Because if you can’t swim, how do you expect to save those who are drowning?

So in short, let us work on ourselves first, so that there can be greater benefit and ease in helping the masses, bi’ithnillah.

waAllahu Alam

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