The Female Teachers of Adh Dhahabee

The female teachers of the historian of Islam, Shams-ud-Deen, Abu ‘Abdillah, Muhammad Bin Ahmed Bin ‘Uthmaan Adh-Dhahabee
 (may Allah have mercy on him) – Translated and compiled by: Abu Yusuf, Sagheer Ibn ‘Abdir-Rasheed Al-Kashmeeree

Translated Exclusively for Sisters Upon Al-Istiqaamah
In his famous book Taareekh-ul-Islaam, Adh-Dhahabee (may Allah have mercy on him) says:
191. ‘Faatimah Bint Al-Haafidh Abil-Qaasim ‘Alee Ibn Al-Haafidh Bahaa-ud-deen Abee Muhammad Al-Qaasim Ibn Al-Haafidh Al-kabeer, the muhaddith of Shaam, Abul-Qaasim ‘Alee Bin Al-Hasan Ibn ‘Asaakir, Umm-ul-‘Arab Ad-Dimishqeeyah.
She was born in the year (5)98, and she heard from ‘Umar Bin Tabarzad, Hanbal Al-Mukkabir, Abul-Futooh Al-Jalaajolee, Sittul-Kattabah Bint Tarraah and Abul-Yumn Al-Kindee. And she was given permission to narrate by Abu Ja’far As-Saydalaanee, Muhammad Ibn Faakhir, Abu-Futooh As’ad Al-‘Ijlee and a number of Sheikhs from Al-‘Iraaq, Khurasaan and Asbahaan. And she was steadfast, honourable, outstanding in chain of narration, deep-rooted in hadeeth. And her hearing (of narrations) from ‘Umar and Hanbal is at the fifth level and she also has (the hearing of narrations) at the sixth level from ‘Umar.

Ad-Dimyaatee, Qutb-ud-Deen Ibn Al-Qastalaanee, Muhammad Bin Muhammad Al-Kanjee, Ibn-ul-Khabbaaz, ‘Alaa-ud-Deen Ibn-ul-‘Attaar, Jamaal-ud-Deen Al-Mizzee, ‘Alam-ud-Deen Al-Birzaalee and a group from other than them narrated from her. And she gave me permission to narrate her narrations.  
She died on the 19th of Sha’baan.’ (page 503)
248. ‘Sittul-‘Arab Bint Yahyah Bin Qaiymaaz, Umm-ul-Khair Ad-Dimishqeeyah.
She heard from their freed slave At-Taaj Al-Kindee and she was present with Ibn Tabarzad. And the elders heard from her, and she gave us permission to narrate her narrations. And she had permission to narrate from Al-Muayyad At-Toosee and a group. Ibn-ul-Khabbaaz, Ibn-ul-‘Attaar, Al-Mizzee, Al-Birzaalee and a group narrated from her.

I asked Al-Mizzee about her and he said:

‘An honourable Shaykhah, much in hearing (narrations), she heard Al-Ghaylaaniyaat and other than them from Ibn Tabarzad. And she narrated for many years.’

I say: She was born in Rabee-ul-Aakhar in the year (5)99 and she died on the 29th of Muharram.’ (page 519)
311. ‘Zainab Bint ‘Alee Bin Ahmed Bin Fadl, the ascetic worshipping Shaykhah, Umm Muhammad Bint Al-Waasitee.
She was born, I think, in the year 605, and she heard a volume from Ash-Shaykh Al-Muwaffaq in the year (6)11. We heard it from her. And she was the mother of our Shaykh Ash-Shams Ibn-uz-Zarraad. And her brother Shaykh Taqi-ud-Deen, despite his greatness, would intend to visit her and seek blessings through her. And there were few of her like, may Allah be pleased with her.
She died on the 5th of Muharram.’  (page 811)
461. ‘Shaah Sittu, the daughter of Shaykh Shams-ud-Deen Abul-Ghanaaim Al-Musallam Bin Muhammad Bin ‘Allaan Al-Qaisee.
She was born at the end of the year 618 and she narrated to us from her father’s paternal uncle Makkee Bin ‘Allaan. She heard from her brother-in-law, Saalim Bin Sasree. She was the mother of the Imaam, the judge of judges, Najm-ud-Deen Ahmed Bin Sasree.

She died on the 20th of Muharram, and her kunyah was Umm Ahmed. She was righteous, generous and very pious. Her eyesight departed from her for a period of time.’ (Pp.855-6)
462. ‘Shuhdah Bint Muhammad Bin Hassaan Bin Raafi’ Bin Sumayr Al-‘Aamireeyah, Amatur-Rahmaan.
She was born at the end of the year (6)28. She heard from Ja’far Al-Hamdaanee and she was present with Al-Irbeelee. Ibn Baaqaa and Muhammad Bin ‘Ammaad gave permission for her to narrate. And she also heard from her father Khateeb Al-Mussalla Abee ‘Abdillah Al-Qasarhajaajee. I heard two volumes from her.  And indeed, she narrated after the year (6)60.

She died in the early part of the year, or otherwise at the end of the year (70)6.’ (page 856)
467. ’Aaishah Bint Al-Majd ‘Eesa Ibn-ul-Imaam Muwaffaq-ud-Deen ‘Abdullah Bin Ahmed Bin Muhammad Bin Qudaamah, the righteous, senior, worshipper who would narrate, Umm Ahmed Al-Maqdiseeyah As-Saaliheeyah.
She was born in the year 611 and Al-Qaadee Abul-Qaasim Ibn-ul-Harastaanee and a group gave her permission to narrate. And she heard from her father, Ash-Shihaab Bin Raajih, Al-‘Izz Muhammad Ibn Al-Haafidh and other than them by being present there. And she heard from her grandfather and other than him. And she was alone (in narrating) a few volumes. And she also heard from Al-Bahaa ‘Abdur-Rahmaan, As-Siraaj Abee ‘Abdillah Ibn Az-Zubaidee and Ad-Diyaa Al-Maqdisee.

Ibn-ul-Khabbaaz narrated from her in her lifetime, and the generality of the students heard from her; Al-Muqaatalee, Ibn-un-Naabulusee, Al-Muhibb, myself and Yusuf Ad-Dimyaatee.

She died on the 19th of Sha’baan. And hearing her had become hard and we would not take from her except with difficulty. And she was the sister of Al-Haafidh-us-Sayf.’  (page 857)
480. Faakhirah Bint  Abee Saalih ‘Ubaidullah Bin ‘Umar Bin ‘Abdur-Raheem Ibn-ul-‘Ajmeey.
She narrated from Abul-Qaasim Bin Rawaahah and we have permission to narrate from her.’  (page 862)
532. ‘Faatimah Bint Hussain Bin ‘Abdillah Bin ‘Abdir-Rahmaan Al-Aamadee, the caller to prayer, Umm Muhammad. And her mother was Khadeejah Bint Az-Zain Ahmed Bin ‘Abdi-Daaim, and she was the wife of the ascetic Shaykh ‘Alee Al-Mulaqin.  
A righteous woman, a worshipper, she was afflicted with a chronic illness. She narrated Saheeh-ul-Bukhaaree from Ibn-uz-Zabaidee, and she narrated from Al-Fakhr Al-Irbilee and other than him. She died in Muharram. I heard from her.’ (Pp.878-9)
617. ‘Khadeejah Bint At-Taqee Muhammad Bin Mahmood Bin ‘Abdil-Mun’im Al-Maraatibee Al-Hanbalee, Umm Muhammad.
A righteous old woman, a worshipper, generous, frequent in recitation, from the best of the women of Ad-Dayr. She narrated from Ibn-uz-Zabaidee and Al-Irbilee. And she was the daughter of the ascetic Habeebah Bint Shaykh Abee ‘Umar.  We heard from her.
And she died on the 29th of Jumadaa Al-Ulaa in the (first) ten days of (being) eighty.’   (Pp.906-7)
618. ‘Khadeejah Bint Yusuf Bin Ghaneemah Bin Hussain, the virtuous female scholar, Amatul-‘Azeez Al-Baghdaadeeyah, then Ad-Dimishqeeyah. She was known as Bint-ul-Qayyim.
Her father was the custodian (Qayyim) of the public bath. And he wanted (a lot) for her when he saw her excellence. And he made her hear a lot, and he taught her writing, the Qur’an, admonishing and other than that. And she used to admonish the women, then she left that and stayed in her house. And she was the wife of Al-Haaj Mahmood Adh-Dhahabee.

She was born in the year 628. She heard from Mukrim, Ibn-ush-Sheeraazee, Ibn-ul-Lattee, Ibn-ul-Muqayr and Kareemah. And in Egypt from ‘Alee Bin Mukhtaar Al-‘Aamiree and Abul-Hasan Ibn-ul-Jumayzee. And she narrated in Damascus, Al-‘Olaa and Tabook. And she recited the Qur’an (with tajweed) to Al-Walee, Ibn-ush-Shawwaa, Ar-Radee At-Toonasee and An-Najjaar, however, her authority (in it) was not strengthened. She read two introductions or more on the Arabic language and she learned to use grammatical inflections with the grammarians.  Al-Birzaalee, may Allah preserve him, recited for us to her Maqaamaat-ul-Hareeree, and she alone narrated it in Damascus.

She died in the beginning of Sha’baan.’ (page 907)
623. ‘Zainab Bint ‘Umar Bin Kindee Bin Sa’eed Bin ‘Alee, Umm Muhammad Bint-ul-Haaj Zakee-ud-Deen Ad-Dimishqee, the wife of Naasir-ud-Deen Ibn Qarqeen, the commissar of the Ba’labek citadel.
A righteous woman, generous, who possessed piety and (gave) charity. She built a hospice for the poor and she bequeathed religious endowments. She lived in goodness and blessing, she made Hajj, she narrated a lot and she was without parallel in the time (that she lived in). Al-Muayid  At-Toosee, Abu Rooh Al-Harawee, Zainab Ash-Sha’reeyah, Al-Qaasim Ibn-us-Saaffaar, Abul-Baqaa Al-Uqbaree, ‘Abdul-‘Adheem Bin ‘Abdul-Lateef Ash-Sharaabee and Ahmed Bin Zafar Bin Hubairah  gave her permission to narrate. She narrated in Damascus and Ba’labek. She died on the 29th of Jumadaa Al-Aakhirah at the Ba’labek citadel at around ninety years old.

Abul-Hussain Al-Yooneenee and his children and relatives, Ibn Abil-Fath and his two sons, Al-Mizzee and his elder son, Al-Birzaalee, Ibn-un-Naabulusee, Abu Bakr Ar-Rahbee, Ibn-ul-Muhandis, Ahmed Ibn-ud-Duraybee, my father, my maternal uncle and a group from the people of Ba’labek heard from her.

Ibn Saamah read to her Saheeh Muslim and I read to her from the beginning of the Saheeh (of Al-Bukhaaree) to the beginning of (the book of) Al-Nikaah. And I heard the rest of the book from Ibn ‘Asaakir. And I heard a number of volumes from her, may Allah have mercy on her.’ (page 908)
640. ‘Safeeyah Bint ‘Abdur-Rahmaan Bin ‘Amr Al-Farraa, the sister of our Sheikh ‘Izz-ud-Deen.
We heard a volume from both of them. They both narrated from Ash-Shaykh-ul-Muwwafaq, and there was goodness and righteousness in her. She was a midwife in the mountain (of Al-Qaasiyoon), and she died in the mountain, as a martyr because of cold and hunger, when the people of the mountain entered the city, at the age of 78 years. Her hearing (of narrations) is at the fifth level.

Ismaa’eel and Safeeyah informed us saying: Ibn Qudaamah informed us saying: Abul-Fath Muhammad informed us saying: Rizqullah informed us saying: Ibn Bishraan informed us saying: Ibn-ul-Bakhtaree informed us saying: Yahyah Ibn Abee Taalib narrated to us saying: ‘Abdul-Wahhaab informed us saying: Talha Bin ‘Amr informed us from Ibn Taawoos that his father (Taawoos) used to fast after (‘Eed) Al-Fitr for six days and he would say:
‘They equal the fasting for a year, thirty (days) for ten months and six days for two months.’.’ [2]  (page 913)
729. ‘Maryam Bint Ahmed Bin Haatim Bin ‘Alee.
A religious woman, righteous, afflicted with (bodily) pains, patient and expectant of reward. She narrated from Al-Irbilee and she was present with Al-Bahaa ‘Abdur-Rahmaan.  I heard a volume from her’.  page 938)
774. ‘Khadeejah Bint Al-Qadee Kamaal-ud-Deen Ishaaq Bin Khaleel Bin Faaris Ash-Shaybaanee Ash-Shaafi’ee.
She narrated to us, with permission to narrate, from Ibn Sabbaah, Ibn-ul-Lattee, Ibn Baasooyah, Al-Irbilee and a group.
She died in Adthra’aat with her brother Al-Qaadee Muhiy-ud-Deen in Muharraam’. (page 950)
779. ‘Zainab, Umm-ul-Khair, the daughter of the judge of judges Muhiy-ud-Deen Bin Muhammad Ibn-uz-Zakkee Al-Qurashee Ad-Dimishqee Ash-Shaafi’ee, the wife of An-Nidhaam Ibn ‘Abdullah Ibn-ul-Baanyaasee. 
She narrated to us, from Abul-Hasan Bin Al-Muqair, ‘Alee Bin Hajjaaj Al-Batlahee, Abul-Qaasim Bin Rawaahaa and Futooh Bin Nooh Al-Khuwayee. She also heard from Muhiy-ud-Deen Ibn-Al-‘Arabee, the author of compositions.
We – myself, Al-Birzaalee, Al-Muqaatalee, Ibn-un-Naabulusee and a group,  heard from her in the garden of her children at Birkat-ul-Himyeereen.   
She died in the garden on the 9th of Sha’baan and she was buried at the mountain (of Al-Qaasiyoon).’ (page 952)
786. ‘’Aaishah Bint-ul-Qaadee Ishaaq Bin Khaleel Ash-Shaybaanee, Umm ‘Easa, sister of the aforementioned Khadeejah
She narrated to us, with permission to narrate, along with her sister, from Ibn-ul-Lattee, Ibn Sabbaah and a group.
She died in Damascus and was buried alongside her father at Qaasiyoon.’ (Pp. 953-4)

[1] Translators note: Daar-ul-Garb-ul-Islaamee, Beirut, 1st Edition, 1424/2003 with the checking and commentary of Dr. Bashaar ‘Awaad Ma’roof
[2] Translator’s note:  Dr. Bashaar ‘Awaad Ma’roof says: ‘Its chain of narration is extremely weak (da’eef jidn), Talha Bin ‘Amr Al-Makee is abandoned (matrook). And ‘Abdur-Razzaaq reported it (7920) from Zam’ah Bin Saalih Al-Janadee from Ibn Taawoos from his father from the Prophet (sallalahu alaihi wa sallam) in mursal form. And Zam’ah is weak.’ (Footnote No.2, page 913)
Taken from the words of Adh-Dhahabee himself, from his famous work Taareekh-ul-Islaam Wa Wafayaat-ul-Mashaheer Wal-A’laam (The history of Islam and the decease of the famous people and eminent personalities) [1] Vol.15, Pp. 503-954
Sisters Upon Al-Istiqaamah

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