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The Most Important Signs of the People of Deviance

1. Separation which Allaah cautioned against in His statement:
“Indeed those who separated their religion and they split into different groups, you have nothing to do with them.”
(Al-An’aam: 159)
2. Following of that which is ambiguous:
“As for those who have in their hearts deviance, they follow that which is unclear from it (Al-Qur’aan)”
(Aali ‘Imraan: 7)
3. Following of the desires:
“As for those who have in their hearts deviance.”
(Aali ‘Imraan: 7)
“Have you seen the one who has taken his desires as his god?”
(Al-Furqaan: 43)
4. Opposing the Sunnah with the Qur’aan.
5. Hatred for the people of narration.
6. Using evil nicknames to describe the people of the Sunnah.
7. Abandoning the embracement of the methodology of the Salaf.
8. Declaring those who oppose them to be disbelievers without evidence.
9. Being general in matters which require details and clarification. Also using analogy in matters where analogy is not correct to use.
Al-Imaam Ahmad (may Allaah have mercy upon him) stated:
“It is befitting for the one speaking about the matters of jurisprudence to keep away from these two foundations: Generalities and Analogy.”
He (may Allaah have mercy upon him) also said: “The area where people mostly make mistakes are from the angle of interpretation and analogy.”
I say: “That which Al-Imaam Ahmad has mentioned, from the warning against these two matters in the area of jurisprudence,  is an indication that in the area of creed, keeping away from them is even more so and safer (for one’s religion).”
Source:  Kun Salafiyyan Alaa al-Jaad dah by Shaykh Abdus Salaam ibn Saalim As-Suhaymee (may Allaah preserve him). Read by Al-Allaamah Shaykh Saalih Fawzaan with the introduction of Ash-Shaykh Alee Naasir Al-Faqeehee and Ash-Shaykh Ubayd Al-Jaabiree (may Allaah preserve them all) pgs. 60-61

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