To Teach or Not to Teach?

Bismillah walhamdu lillah

The first time I was asked to teach, a sister asked, and I basically told her no, for different reasons. I wasn’t qualified, the distance was far, why on earth was she asking me, is she serious, no way… (This is what went through my head)

The second time it happened, I was caught off guard. It was a different sister who asked this time, and she was one of my teachers and close friends. She called the morning of the halaqah and asked if I would teach it. She wasn’t going to be able to make it to campus because of a death in her family (rahimahullah). That’s like the hardest situation to say “no” in. First of all, she was one of my favorite people. Second, she came to me at a delicate time for her and needed a favor from me. So I decided to agree this time.

What’d I say next? Something that to this day, makes me feel embarrassed.

“Uhh…what should I teach?” I asked her. — As if I have ijaazaat in so many books, she just needs to pick a topic, and I’m ready! (lol)

“Whatever you’re comfortable with.”

Awesome, that would be…absolutely nothing.

What to choose, what to choose…

I rushed to my Islamic library and started grabbing books off the shelf. I figured, I can go to campus early and start preparing there. I have no idea why I thought to do that, I always concentrate much better at home. But there I found myself, sitting in the MSA club room with my books and papers in front of me, freaking out.

My friend walked in, she knew what was going on, and told me to relax, it’ll be fine. Mhmm, I continue to freak out.

I think I went to class after that. Then, when it was a little while before the halaqah, I met up with that same friend, and we went through my notes. I left to sit alone for a while, concentrate and prepare to teach.

Then it was time. We picked up our stuff and went to the room. When we got there, I put my stuff down and decided I still had a few minutes to prepare, since people were late in showing up. So I went and started pacing outside, like a weirdo. Those few extra minutes really helped though.

Okay, now, now it was really time. I took my notes, and entered the room.

I praised Allah, and began teaching my first real halaqah.

I decided to do it on the most difficult topic (for me), sincerity.

How did it go? Umm…I’d rather not say…let’s just say, with each halaqah, I get to learn more and more things about myself and about teaching.

I’ve tried to google “how to teach a halaqah” and stuff, but nothing too helpful has come up. So, because of what seems like a lack of information out there, I want to share the little that I know, in the hopes that next time someone searches for information regarding this, they can find something that can help them inshaa Allah, bi’ithnillah.

That’s the story behind this category/page. :)

“So be afraid of Allah; and Allah teaches you. And Allah is the All-Knower of each and everything.” Surah al Baqarah, ayah 282

May Allah aza wa jel teach you and me. Ameen


~ommal muqarraboon

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