“I hope that no one will stand before his Lord in this way…”

“I hope that no one will stand before his Lord in this way…”.

Hammâd ibn Ziyâd narrated that Layth ibn Abî Burdah said: “I went to Madînah, where I met ‘Abdullâh ibn Salâm, who said to me: ‘Would you like to visit a place visited by the Prophet (SAAS), and we will offer you sâwiq and dates?…’ Then he said:

‘When Allâh gathers people on the Day of Judgement, He will remind them of His blessings.

One of His slaves will say: “Remind me of something,” and Allâh will say:

“Remember when you faced such-and-such adversity, and you prayed to Me so I relieved you of it.

Remember when you were travelling in suchand-such a place, and you asked Me to give you a travelling companion, and I did so.

Remember when you asked for the hand of so-and-so the daughter of so-and-so, and others also asked for her hand, so I gave her to you to marry; and kept the others away.”

His slave will be standing before his Lord, Who will remind him of His many blessings.’”

Then the narrator of this story (Layth) wept and said,

I hope that no one will stand before his Lord in this way, because the one who does so will be punished.” (i.e. if Allâh has to point out that which should be obvious, this is a sign of a person’s ingratitude, and he will be punished.)

[‘The Sahâbah and Tabi‘în on Gratitude’  in Ibn al Qayyim al Jawziyyah (R)’s Patience and Gratitude, pp. 47 of the pdf]

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