Unlikely Time-Saving Tools

Bismillah walhamdulillah

These are a few unlikely time-saving tools. In the spirit of time-saving, I will keep this brief inshaAllah.

1. Lotion and Chapstick – Skin that is dry usually cracks. Cracked skin leaves an open doorway for germs and bacteria, so you are more vulnerable and can easily get sick. Getting sick means you will be spending a lot of time in bed and blowing your nose and feeling tired and sleepy. Moisturize the skin and lips!

2. Nail Cutter – I cannot understand why or how people grow their nails. Time is wasted cleaning them so that the dirt doesn’t pile up underneath, and even then the dirt will still pile up. Again, you are risking getting sick because the germs could enter your food, or you could cut someone or yourself with your nails and they now have an open wound that can get infected, etc.

3. Let-it-go Attitude – Being argumentative is a big waste of time. You not only waste time engaging in the argument, but you waste time afterwards thinking about all the things that were said, different ways you could have rebutted the opponent, feeling foolish, and thinking of ways to apologize. Save yourself the time and have a let-it-go attitude. There are certain things that are not meant to be things one should let go, so along with the let-it-go attitude, be wise in picking your battles.

4. Smile – Smiling reduces anxiety. Anxiety is something that debilitates you and prevents you from moving forward. Thus, smiling to yourself and staying happy will keep you progressing inshaAllah. It is a very good remedy. You also want to invest in the book Don’t Be Sad by Dr. Aidh Al-Qarnee (pdf can be found on kalamullah.com) because it will help you reduce the anxiety, grief, and worry.

5. Water – People who are dehydrated often feel more tired and sleepy than they actually are. Drink lots of water and keep your body hydrated. Another way this helps is because you will have to keep getting up to use the bathroom, and this ensures that you will not take long, unnecessary naps, and the bathroom break also provides you with a break from your work.

6. Exercise Equipment – This will help your energy level go up, help you to eliminate naps, and you will see the long-term effects on your health and energy. Just a half an hour a day, every day, will make a big difference inshaAllah. It’s better to set the same half an hour ever day, rather than switching up the times. It’s also not recommended to do it right before you sleep unless you want to stay awake.


Try these out and let me know how it goes inshaAllah!

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