It’s Not All Trials and Difficulties

I realized that a lot of my posts in the niqabi support group have to do with the difficulties that come with wearing niqab, like the stares and eating in public, etc. I guess this is because I know these difficulties are the main reason that someone would want “support,” and after all it is a support group.

But I would be doing an injustice if I didn’t mention the amazing blessing that is the niqab. I feel so strongly about this that to this day, I think about it when I say “sami3Allahu li man Hamida…Rabbana lakal Hamd” in my salah.

The niqab is not trial after trial, sisters. I’m almost hesitating to go into all of the good that comes with it because I know that some will be skeptical, but… others will know exactly what I mean, even sisters who do not wear the niqab yet.

It is a sign, a symbol, something that you carry around with you always, and for everyone to see — a sign that you are nothing but a slave of Allah, an honored slave of Allah.

It is a reminder that you cannot avoid, so that even when your imaan gets low, you know that it can go back to the level it was at when you started covering.

It’s something that closes the door to mixing between genders, because our faces are the most inviting parts of our bodies, and once that is covered, men no longer have to take “hints,” it’s spelled out for them “N-o-t  i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-e-d.”

Every where you go, you will be reminded that you are a stranger in this world. You are a traveler that has no time to settle down, you must keep moving, otherwise you may not make it to your destination. When you are ostracized, you will feel a closeness to Allah and tranquility in His company. When you are faced with hardships, and you cry to Allah, you will have the sweetest of tears, because they are accompanied by reliance in Him.

You will see who your true friends are, and everyone’s true colors will begin to show around you. Those who truly love you for Allah’s sake, will continue to be by your side, and your friendship with them will blossom.

You will be a reminder for yourself and those around you, a reminder of Allah and His messenger. I often notice sisters tugging at their clothing, in order to cover more, when I am in front of them. I hope that it will be a stepping stone for them, towards one day doing that for Allah alone.

The niqab will be a test of your sincerity, because a time will come when you will take it for granted, and you may forget the struggles you faced to wear it. So when that time comes, remind yourself of what you went through, how Merciful Allah was towards you, and that it is because of Him that you are able to worship Him in this way. Thus, the typical routine of dressing up to leave the house becomes dhikr of Allah.


There is more but I will stop here for now, and add more in future parts, insha Allah. But I hope you see the point?

There is a sweetness that erupts from sincere worship of Allah swt, that you will not find anywhere else. This feeling is what the population of the entire world spends their lives searching for. The suicides and the drug overdoses — they are but the end results of those whose search bore no fruit.

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