Random Reflection

This is just a random reflection I had regarding social networking, namely facebook (but it applies to them all). Why do people like it so much? Simply put it, they find comfort being in the company of their friends, of being around people. Being on facebook is similar to being with your friends in real life, because in essence you’re not alone. Being alone, however, is a completely different feeling. If you have trouble being alone, and you find more comfort on facebook, than in sitting alone with a Qur’an in hand, then facebook is nothing but a distraction that is keeping you from tending to your sick heart.

  1. #1 by khidrsthoughts on July 13, 2012 - 11:57 am

    I have thought about the same thing and came to a few observations. One is that people love attention. We are social beings and without this acknowledgement that one receives from these websites then some would go insane. Another is that certain people are nosy. They just love to hear about what people are doing whether it be as mundane as them going to their bathroom. This reality is also seen in the industry of People magazines etc. They are all gossip magazines filled with like 15 percent truth and 85 percent of either speculation, lies, and deceit. Another example of this is on the FREEWAY. I don’t know how it is else in the world but specifically in the U.S.A but even more specifically in California one can slow down a whole highway just by pulling over their car on the side. Everyone and their mothers will literally break their car at the junction where the car is parked just to see what the person is doing. Quite frustrating as one can imagine. Obviously these are not blanketed statements for the masses but just something I have noticed about my own self and others in this regard.

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