How to Get Barakah in your Time


Bismillah walhamdulillah

I found this online, may Allah swt reward the brother for the good in it:

I just want to share some naseehah I received from a really good brother recently. I have been following it for last few weeks and masha’Allah it has helped me a lot.

In the work we do, we often find that there is very little time to do anything and we are rushed around a lot. Yet, if we look in the past to people far greater than anything we can dream of being, people like the Prophets, the Sahaabah and the great scholars and leaders of Islam, we see that they had the same 24 hour day as us but there was so much barakah in their time.

When Ibn al-Qayyum asked his sheikh, Ibn Taymiyyah, how he managed to accomplish so much in a single day – writing books, articles, giving dars, helping muslims, training, looking after the community, etc Ibn Taymiyyah said that after fajr, he goes and spends some time alone with Allah until sunrise. During this time, he would do the morning adhkar from the sunnah, recite Quran aloud, make dhikr, etc until shrook time. He would then pray 2 rakas and make dua. He said that it was this “nourishment” which energised him for the day.

This spiritual nourishment is what charges us during the day, Just like breakfast in the morning gives us that energy for the whole day, we need our spiritual nourishment every morning. Without it, we get tired easily, cranky, and stressed. Allah has repeatedly praised His creation who glorify Him before sunrise and sunset. All of creation – the sun, the birds, the fish, the rocks, the stars, the moon, everything glorifies Allah at these times. So imagine the beauty of us all joining in that together in perfect harmony.

The key is sleeping early – the Prophet (pbuh) encouraged people to sleep after eesha and disliked useless talk into the late hours of the night. In the winter, if we sleep early (say 10ish), arise early in the morning an hour before fajr, we willl have had a good nights sleep. Wake up fresh – pray tahajjud, read some quran, make dua and then pray fajr. After fajr, more dhikr, etc until shrook – pray 2 rakas. Key then is not to sleep – go for a walk, shower, shake off the sleep and start doing some work.

The Prophet (pbuh) said that Allah has put barakah into this period after shrook so we should utilise it. Do the work that you hate first and get it out of the way. Use this time for studying Arabic, the deen, preparing any classes you are giving, organising yourself, college work, etc You will find that by about 3 o’clock, you will have finished a lot of your personal stuff and work stuff and have a lot more time on your hands.

I have been trying this out and it really works. I really only realised the beauty of it when i stopped doing it for a couple of days and got all tied up again.

Insha’Allah, try it out and if you find it beneficial, share it with other brothers and sisters.



Note: I did not paste the link because I do not want to promote anything I am unsure of. There are also no references in this article; it was simply copy and pasted by me onto this blog. Finally, as with many things: take the good and leave the evil.

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