The End Goal – A Thought

We live in a world where comfort is the no.1 priority for all; we want the most comfortable homes, most comfortable jobs, most comfortable flights, and most comfortable holidays. We don’t want to sweat or work hard, but simply be comfortable. The irony of such quest is that once we achieve such comforts, we become restless, we become bored and we normally either seek new challenges and adventures or go into depression and sadness because we find our life to be meaningless.

Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) says in the Quran: “Verily We have created man into toil and struggle” (Chapter 90, Verse 4). And although one might take this in the negative sense, but what if our happiness was linked to striving and struggling? A philosopher once said, “We take no pleasure in existence except when we’re striving for something”. I believe that’s a universal law.

Abu Productive

It is from the wisdom of Allah swt that He swt made our end goal (i.e. His Pleasure) something that we will always have a little doubt about, regarding whether or not we have gained it in this world. Only when we depart from this world will the doubt be removed. This ensures that as long as we are living in this dunyah, we are engaged in a struggle to reach that goal. SubhanAllah, had our end goal been anything other than the pleasure of Allah subhanahu, and His Rewards, we would have found a way to reach that goal in the dunyah, for sure. And when we would have attained it, we would have nothing left to work for, and our lives would become meaningless and without purpose.

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