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“They’ve figured out this dunyah”


You assume that people become more spiritual as they grow older because they are closer to death. In reality, it’s because they’ve finally figured out this dunyah.

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“The world doesn’t slow down for your weak imaan…”

Weak imaan exists inside of us, [it doesn’t exist] in the entire universe around us. Only we change when we have weak imaan. Allah swt does not become less Great. The times do not decrease in their fitnah and tribulations. The Muslims don’t stop being oppressed and murdered. The Day of Judgement doesn’t move further away. And your time of death doesn’t, either. The world doesn’t slow down for your weak imaan and give you time to catch up. You need to wake up and run harder and faster so you can catch up.

From my Journal – February 14th 2013

It is from the Mercy of Allah swt that the world doesn’t slow down for us when we have weak imaan. Otherwise, what motivation would we have to increase. It is only when we open up our eyes to the reality of world around us that we realize our purpose once again.

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“Woe to you!” {AMAZING REMINDER!}

“Woe to you!” {AMAZING REMINDER!}.

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“Whoever takes …

“Whoever takes ….

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HD 15: Misk Academy – Free Ebook!


Bismillah walhamdulillah

“I wanna be a haafidha too!”

Inspirational Stories of Quraa and Huffadh of Qur’an


[Note: There are pictures in the pdf book, just lower your gaze and no one has to get hurt… no, but seriously ]

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