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A Wake Up Call – Br. Amir Muhaddith AKA Loon

Bismillah walhamdulillah

I was blown away by this brother’s manners and sincerity. He is a wonderful example of what a Mu’min is, and watching this talk will make you take a long, hard look at yourself.



Cut the Rope

Points of Benefit:

  • There will be times in your life when you will have to do something very difficult, for the sake of Allah, cut the rope of this dunya – don’t be afraid of what will happen to your dunya – and just do it.
  • There will be times when you are in a hard situation, and you feel like everything is going wrong and you can’t figure out why – cut the rope – do the most difficult thing by putting your complete trust in Allah. And know that, even if you can’t see it, the end result will be best for you.
  • This dunya is tearing away at your soul with every second that passes; this was the blizzard in the video. If he had cut the rope immediately, he would have been saved. If he had delayed it, he would have been damaged, but still saved. And if he never cut the rope, which he didn’t, then he would’ve been damaged beyond repair. Don’t delay it, cut the rope and stop living for the sake of the dunya – place it in your hands and place your deen on your head. If your crown moves out of place, put the dunyah on the ground and fix your crown first.
  • When you’re in the middle of a trial; it feels like things will be this way forever and you can’t see an escape. But sometimes the help is near, it can even be four feet away.

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Who will pray for you when you die? Sh. Tawfique Chowdhury

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One of the Seven Shaded, inshaa’Allah

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Healing Hardened Hearts – Steps and Causes – Sh. Ash-Shinqitee


Imam Abu Hanifah (rahimahullah) said: [Reading] the biographies of people [the scholars] was more beloved to us than many issues of jurisprudence or issues of knowledge.

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“Capacity of the Heart” by Sh. Omar Suleiman

Why is it that the sahaaba left puddles of tears in the masjid after salatul jumuah …

Why is it that Tufayl radiallahu anhu accepted Islam simply by hearing Khutbatul Haajjah …

Why is that Bilal accepted Islam based on attacks on the Messenger, before ever hearing any Qur’an or Hadith, before knowing anything except Ahadun Ahad (One God, One God) …

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Cure for Depression – Surah Ad-Duha

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Do not sell your soul for a lowly price

Taken from Fajr Blog (Click the link above)

As-salamu `alaykum wa rahmatullah

Shaykh Sayyid al-‘Affani: “Whoever seeks Allah and desires nobility and great honour, let him not sell his soul for a lowly price when in front of him lies Paradise and eternity. Indeed, we have only been created to live with our Creator in a Home the garden of which Allah the Most High has cultivated with His Hands.”

‘Aamir ibn ‘Abd: “I have not looked towards anything except that I saw Allah the Most High was closer to it than myself.”

Al-Junayd: “Know that He `azza wa jall, draws close to the hearts of His slaves according to how close they draw to Him, so look to what is drawing close to your heart.”

Al-‘Affani: “Knowing the greatness of Allah, the King of Kings, will make it easier for a person to gain sincerity. Likewise it’s made easier knowing that the hearts and forelocks of the slaves of Allah lie in His Hands, and that He runs their affairs; He commands and prohibits, honours and disgraces. He turns the hearts of the creation, so the heart of him whom you wish to show off to in is the Hands of Him Whom you are disobeying… It is incredible that you should know Him and yet not be sincere to Him, incredible that you should hear His call and yet delay in responding. Indeed, everything has a replacement, but Allah cannot be replaced.”

One of the salaf said, “Fight your soul and prevent it from the causes of Riya’ (showing off), and try to imagine the people around you as being like cattle or children so that you do not differ in your ‘Ibadah (worship) when they are present or absent, when they see you or not, and be content with the fact that Allah sees you.”

Abu al-Darda’ (radhiallahu `anhu) said, “O Allah, I seek refuge in You from the humbleness of the hypocrites.” It was said, “And what is the humbleness of the hypocrites?” He said, “That you should see the body being humble, but the heart refuses to be humble.”

Dhul-Nun: “When the wise one feels comfort in solitude, then he has attained sincerity, and at that point, his wisdom will move him to the truth and correctness in matters.”

لا تركنن لمخلوق على طمع *** فإن ذلك نقص منك في الدين
Do not rely upon the creation to grant you your wishes
Indeed that’s only a shortcoming on part of your religion

لن يقدر العبد أن يعطيك خردلة *** إلا بإذن الذي سواك من طين
A slave has no power to grant you, not even an atom’s weight
Except with the Permission of He who made you from clay

فلا تصاحب قوياً تستعز به *** و كن عفيفاً و عظِّم حرمة الدين
So do not walk with the mighty in order to boast with them
Rather be modest and virtuous and exalt the sanctity of this Deen

واسترزق الله مما في خزائنه *** فإن رزقك بين الكاف والنون
Seek provision from Allah; from the treasures that are with Him
For indeed your provision only lies between Kaf and Nun*

* i.e. between the letters Kaf and Nun – in Arabic this spells out كن (‘Be,’ or ‘to become’) which is a reference to the verse “Verily, His Command, when He intends a thing, is only that He says to it, “Be! (kun)” and it is.” [Ya-Sin: 82].

– Taken from ‘Ta’tir al-Anfas min Hadith al-Ikhlas’ by Shaykh Sayyid Husayn al-’Affani

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Elaika by Imam Ash-Shaafi’ee

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Who speaks for Islam? by Abu Abdissalam

An amazing talk by a brother who says it like it is. A MUST WATCH and MUST SHARE!

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