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Encouragement to seek knowledge during breaks from work and school

This summer we have so much free time and we should make sure to use it all for the sake of Allah, how shameful is the affair of the person who spends his summer watching reruns of “Friends” or some reality shows, or playing video games… and how honorable is the affair of a person who spends his summer coming closer to the Most Honorable (SWT), learning the way of His Messenger (SAW), memorizing His (SWT) book, softening his own heart, illuminating his own face; just as the Messenger (SAW) said, “May Allah illuminate the person who hears my sayings and retains it, and conveys it as he heard it…”

Scholars in different areas have different methods of studying, not all methods are alike. For example, search this blog for the post titled Methods of Memorization in Mauritania.”

SubhanAllah, hearing and reading about the way of the Scholars, the things they did and how far they reach, you would feel as if we’re fighting for coins (in terms of ajr), while they’re taking all the ajr in caravans.

One of the study methods of the scholars is as such: Lets start the day at Fajr. Between the times of Fajr and Dhuhr, during this time they would study the books of the scholars as well as Hadith. Between Dhuhr and Isha’ would be the time for reviewing Qura’n [in our case, memorizing and reviewing :( ]. Between Isha’ and Fajr, this would be a time for some sleep as well as Qiyam ul layl. (this is all generally speaking, for example there is athkar al masa’ wasabah, as well as taking a nap after dhuhr, etc)

Thats it, very simple but very effective. As Shiekh Bakr Abu Zaid (RA) as well as others say, learn the deen before the responsibilities of life hit you. Sadly, many of us did not take heed to this. Many of us are not so free to have our whole days set up for learning what we should already know, but still, we have some free time and we should use this free time to achieve this goal and among us are some who do not have too many responsibilities to bear. Take and use the free time you have now before it leaves you, May Allah increase us in knowledge and guidance.

Just like a man who stands on a mountaintop looking onto the horizon, he says “The road is indeed very long”, he traverses through the road but before he knows it he cannot even see the mountain that he stood on anymore. Similarly, Dont look onto the summer and say “The road is indeed very long, the time I have is abundant”, then a time comes where you look back at the summer…Not even able to see it anymore.

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