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Win them over with your manners…

Bismillah walhamdulillah

Win them over with your manners…

The other day I gave a nonMuslim woman a flier for a series of events for Islam Awareness Week. I wanted to give it to the person behind her, but she was there so I thought why not. I gave it to her, and said something along the lines of “…it’s about Islam” (Yeah, no duh lol) and she replied with, along the lines of, “Yeah, I already know what Islam is,” and she tried to shove the flier back at me. Usually that is enough for me to see them as a lost cause, and move on. (But taking back a flier, I rarely do that.) But something pushed me to ask her “So what is Islam then?” And she said “It’s a bunch of ‘do as I say and not as I do.'”

I’m completing this post days after this has happened and so I have fuzzy traces, but I know this much:

She continued to scream at me in public, on the campus, and the passers by did not say a thing, except for one who called out her name and said Hi to her. I considered walking away from her, but I don’t know what stopped me. She would speak, then I would speak. I knew her anger was from something psychological. Eventually she admitted to me on her own and her anger was due to a divorce she was going through, and she [incorrectly] blamed it on the religion of Islam. In the end she apologized to me and decided she wanted to hug me and did so. She kept the flier I gave her and I believe we discussed which event would be easiest for her to make. They were all difficult for her to attend but she gave me her email, and I told her I would email her. :)

May Allah swt guide her and us to that which is Most Pleasing to Him. Ameen

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