Have Trust.


“Allah is the most merciful. Never underestimate this attribute of your Lord that you repeat over 17 times a day. Sometimes you will go through the biggest test you have ever had to face. But when you look around, in the midst of this crisis, you find Allah’s love enveloping you. You will find yourself waking up in the night to pray- that is Allah wanting to hear your voice when everyone else is asleep. You will find beautiful individuals in your life, standing by you, feeling for you, supporting you- that is Allah telling you you are not alone. You will find yourself struggling to cope but somehow finding hope- that is Allah reminding you were made for the akhira, not this dunya. It is all Allah.

We are all travelers. We don’t know the storms that will come our way. We don’t know whether we’ll take the wrong path here or there. All we know, or should know, is our destination.

Never forget, with every hardship comes ease. We focus so much on the test we forget the tools He has given us and is giving us to deal. Do not underestimate the strength of that sajda. Do not belittle the struggle with your nafs to perform an act of kindness when all you want to do is be alone. Do not trivialize how special your du’a is to Allah. Don’t ever think you’re alone.

Look back on your life, look at how everything that has come in your life is helping you now to deal. It will come together, either in this dunya and akhira. Take comfort in that Allah has said:



And those who strive for Us – We will surely guide them to Our ways. [Qur’an, 29:69]

Have trust.”


— Text from “verbage”

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