Important Rules: Conditions One Must Meet in Order to Benefit from the Quran

Source: From by Al-Fawaid by Ibn Al Qayyim raHimahullah

If you want to benefit from the Quran, you must concentrate and devote your heart solely when reciting and listening to it. You must pay attention, and try to comprehend the fact that what you are reading is the word of Allah. As you read, you must know that Allah is addressing you in and through this Quran. Indeed, it is the words of Allah to you through the tongue of His Messenger. Allah says, which means, “Verily therein is indeed a reminder for him who has a heart or gives ear while he is heedful.” [Qaf, 50:37]


Obtaining the perfect effect depends upon the stimulus, the place of the receiver, the condition for the effect to occur, and the absence of any obstacle that may obstruct the effect. The above verse explains all that in the most precise, and clear words. When Allah says which means, “Verily, therein is indeed a reminder” it is a sign for what had passed form the beginning of the chapter until this verse. His saying, “for him who has a heart” refers to the place of the receiver and it means the living heart, which comprehends what Allah says.

For example, when Allah says, which means, “This is only a Reminder and a plain Quran. That he or it (Muhammad or the Quran) may give warning to him who is living (a healthy minded believer).” [Yasin, 36:69-70]


“Who is living,” means the one who has a living heart. And when Allah says which means, “Or gives ear” means the person listens to what is being said to him. And this is the condition in order to be truly affected by the words.


And His saying, “While he is heedful…” means to be aware, that his heart is conscious and not distracted by any worldly matter.  


Ibn Qutaibah said, ‘He is listening to the Book of Allah while his heart is present and understands; not being inattentive or unaware. If the heart is inattentive; lacking understanding concerning what is being said, as well as failing to see or meditate on it, then there is an obstruction.  If however, the Quran produced an effect on the receiver, which is the living heart, and the condition of listening was fulfilled, and the heart is not engaged with something other than the meaning of the speech, the desired effect will occur, which is obtaining benefit from the Quran and remembrance.”

Watch this video, pay attention to the ayaat being recited, and know that Allaah subhanahu wa ta3laa is adressing you directly. If this doesn’t make you weep from fear and sadness, beg Ar-RaHmaan to grant life to your heart, and seek refuge with Him from a heart that has become hardened by sins.

Surah Fussilat – Mishary Rashid Al Afasy

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