Those who have memorized Quran

ابن مسعود رضي الله عنه قال : ينبغي لحامل القرآن أن يعرف بليله إذا الناس نائمون , وبنهاره إذا الناس مفطرون , وبحزنه إذا الناس يفرحون , وببكائه إذا الناس يضحكون , وبصمته إذا الناس يخلطون , وبخشوعه إذا الناس يختالون . وينبغي أن يكون باكيا محزونا حكيما عليما سكينا , ولا يكون جافيا ولا غافلا ولا صخبا ولا صياحا ولا حديدا

People who have memorised the Qur’aan should be known by the night when people are sleeping and he is awake,

and by the morning when people are not fasting but he is,

by his sadness when they are happy,

by his crying when they are laughing,

by his silence when they are slandering,

and by his piety and humility when they are arrogant.

He who has memorised the Qur’aan should be tearful, sad, wise, patient and calm.

He should not be rude, inattentive, loud or cruel.

– Ibn Masoud radhiya Allahu 3anhu

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